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The most in demand careers today fall mostly in the group of nursing occupation. One definite example is becoming a home health aide. This profession provides care to patients living at home. Responsibilities of home health aides include monitoring any fluctuation and rise with the patient's vital sign, preparing of daily meal, patient grooming, a few housekeeping, and most importantly accompanying patient to his or her whereabouts. If you are thinking of working in home health care, following are the best reasons why you should enter this noble profession. Career Development Based on studies, most elderly decide to age in their own homes. Since aging is part of life, this profession will never go out of fashion. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook rate for home health aide is still outstanding. Actually, home health aide is the second-fastest growing career in the United States after the Registered Nurse. Benefits And Profit Advantage As a health care professional, you will receive various benefits including paid vacation and sick leave, medical insurance, disability insurance, as well as retirement plans. Each benefit varied depending on every employer, though some employers provide only some of the mentioned benefits, in some case employers offer no extra paid benefits but offer access to employee-paid benefit programs. Flexibility Of Work Schedule The schedule or outline of duties and responsibilities also vary. Having a flexible or non-traditional work schedule is generally permissible depending on the rules of the institution. For instance, visiting the patient or client at home in a daily, weekly, or in some other schedule is acceptable. Then again, working in overnight shifts is required for patients who need enough medical attention. Working as part-time or full-time can also happen. Employment Opportunity Home care aide can opt to work in assisted living facilities, adult day programs, non-profit organizations, and private societies.. The level of benefits, support, and work environment differ based on the type of employer. Most of the caregivers choose self-employment and take private-duty job for convenience. Solid Link To Other Medical Career If you consider obtaining a medical career, being a home health aide is a good start. The experience and training in this kind of profession is important especially when you like to pursue another profession in the medical field such as becoming a licensed practical nurse and registered nurse. Competent Local Employment There is an adequate demand for this profession locally. It gives professionals the chance to work in his or her own country. It really depends on the person if he or she would like to serve the country or travel and experience new things. Finally, the career as a health care professional in home care allows you to work in a flexible environment. Serving and caring to other people's need is a decent thing to do. If you want to make a difference in this world and serve people, consider a career path in home care.

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